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Please rate the following questions using the system described below. Your comments for questions rated (average or poor) would be greatly appreciated. Rating System : 4- Excellent, 3- Good, 2- Average, 1- Poor. Customer Service Do we assist you in friendly, courteous and timely manner when you call us?

Customer Service Do we return your calls in a timely fashion?

Customer Service Are we thorough in answering your question?

Customer Service How would you rate our customer service relative to our competition?

Customer Service Additional Comments:

Production Quality Do we consistently produce parts that meet your specifications or requirements?

Production Quality Do we respond quickly and effectively to quality concerns?

Production Quality How would you rate our quality relative to our competition?

Production Quality Additional Comments:

Delivery Performance Do shipments arrive on time and in good condition?

Delivery Performance Do we meet your packaging requirements?

Delivery Performance How would you rate our on-time performance relative to our competition?

Delivery Performance Additional Comments:

Costing Do we respond quickly to your quotation request?

Costing Are we competitive in our pricing?

Costing How would rate our pricing relative to our competition?

Costing Additional Comments:

Technical Capability Does our technical expertise meet your needs?

Technical Capability How would you rate our technical expertise relative to our competition?

Technical Capability Additional Comments:

Overall Performance How would you rate CTC\'s overall performance relative to your best supplier?

Overall Performance Additional Comments:

Have you had any specific problems with CTC?

In reviewing our relationship, what do you like LEAST about CTC?